Clean Team is our premier annual networking event for Member and Supplier collaboration and the preferred industry show for Triple S Membership. Members from all across the country attend each year, allowing you access to 70-80 customers for the price of one plane ticket. What else can you expect this year?

Open Tradeshow

Showcase what your company is all about. The biggest tradeshow for Triple S Membership, Clean Team is a great opportunity for displaying new products, live demos and your newest innovations. This year, we’ve also moved the main exhibit to earlier in the week, allowing you to further maximize your time with distributors. The tradeshow will also be the same day as the your 1-on-1 Member meetings so you can easily showcase everything you have to offer in a convenient format.

Clean Team 1-on-1 Meetings

A great way to introduce yourself to a new customer or continue to build that relationship. These meetings serve as a way to connect with key prospects and partners before the main exhibit. This year, we have increased the number of 1-on-1 meetings for supplier levels silver level and above.


We have a broad range of networking events and other activities to showcase the value of your company. Luncheons, evening events, as well as off-site networking activities such as golfing and live entertainment, allow for more great meetings to drive your business.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This year, Suppliers will join us right from the start of the conference, allowing you to start connecting with Members right away. You’ll also be with us throughout our Keynote address, as well as panel discussion from Jan-San industry leaders.