Telling Your Story!
Rachel Bellman, Mill + Co
April 3, 3:00 PM

In your professional journey, you’ve faced challenges and triumphs, moments of doubt, and bursts of success. These experiences, these stories, are not just anecdotes; they are the bedrock of personal and business identity.

In this session, we will explore how you can articulate your company’s stories into a powerful branding message that resonates with customers.

Rachel will explain how you can move beyond just saying what your company does, into how your customer experience and values separate you from your competition.

Learn how to explain not just what you do, but why you do it and why your customer should care.

Rachel’s Profile
Rachel (Ballatori) Bellman is the Founder and CEO of Mill + Co., a female-led advertising collective specializing in brand strategy and creative storytelling. Mill + Co. is currently based out of Manchester, NH, has served over 50 global clients in 5+ years (and growing), has two full-time employees, with a team of nearly 100 vetted freelancers (90%+ female) covering all types of advertising and creative services. Rachel attended Johns Hopkins University to achieve degrees in Psychology and Entrepreneurship & Management, while competing on the Division 1 Women’s Lacrosse team as a 2-time captain. She is an active member of the New Hampshire Tech Alliance and is the Chair of the Development Committee and an active member of the Board of Directors to the SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH.

The 1% Difference: Small Changes -> BIG Impact
Murray Lyons, Lyons Associates
April 5, 8:00 AM

Every day your team is making decisions that ultimately get reflected in your financials. In many businesses, sales reps exert the most impact on the financial success of a business because their decisions directly affect one of the most important lines on the income statement-the sales line-however; other employee groups can influence financial results. Purchasing affects costs of goods sold; managers, supervisors and employees affect expenses; other employees affect the utilization of assets such as inventory, receivables and fixed assets; and everyone affects productivity.

The good news for almost anyone in business is that a mere 1% improvement in key variables they influence every day can have a huge impact on profitability in a very short period of time. You do not have to make significant investments or wait years for the result. You do not have to create teams and initiate projects, nor do you have to add any work to your current workload. You can make a difference today and start to see the results by month end!

The 1% difference is a story about how a manager takes over a struggling branch office and realizes significant improvements in profitability. It begins with the manager helping the team discover the multiplier effect of their decisions and then gets them fully engaged in finding small improvements. The result amazes everyone!

Murray’s Profile
Murray spent the first 10 years of his career in sales and then transitioned into a corporate role focused on performance improvement. That experience provided a solid foundation to work with clients as they strived to enhance financial performance.

Murray’s personal goal is to simplify concepts in a way, so your team clearly see how they impact financial performance and then engaging them in simple next steps toward improvement. He’s now worked with well over 100 organizations on 4 continents and co-authored ‘The 1% Difference’ book.